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Set Up A Serene Scene

Getting organised with clever storage solutions will take your space from chaotic to calm


What’s the secret to a peaceful home? Tasteful styling and well-considered layouts help of course but if you drill down to the core of a home that feels like a tranquil place to rest and recharge, the answer lies in organisation and storage.

Clutter is stressful. Being unable to locate important items can lead to panic. Regularly staring at piles of mess, junk and poorly stored items can be a constant reminder of chaos.

If you want a home that is inviting and conducive to relaxation, then giving some attention and a share of the budget to storage and organisation will pay dividends. As block sizes shrink, companies are becoming more innovative in the solutions they offer home makers to make the most out of their space.

Picture: James Hardie

From the kitchen and the pantry to bedrooms and every other space in between, there are clever options that can be incorporated into design to make life easier.

Making the most of tight cupboard space has been on the agenda for clever businesses for a long time and the options are now endless. Chances are there’s a solution for problems you haven’t even thought about yet.

Gone are the days of plain old cabinetry. Lazy Susans, drawers with clever compartments, and pull-out pantries are now commonplace. There are solutions for stacking pot lids and making utensils orderly and optimising every tiny nook and cranny in the pantry.

Picture: Hettich

Picture: Hettich

Picture: Hettich

Integrated sorting baskets, pack-away ironing boards and even cabinets that can iron your clothes without you having to lift a finger are all options available in modern design.

There’s no longer a reason for unsightly cleaning products to be on display and a well thought-out laundry space can make even the most mundane chores more tolerable.

Wardrobes and dressing rooms have come a long way, with open shelving, maximised hanging space, shoe cubbies and fancy storage boxes so it all looks like a high-end boutique store.

Luxury finishes and clever details mean not only is it possible to store all those bits and pieces that you need to look your best but you can even complete the entire process of getting ready for an event in your walk-in robe.

There’s nothing more depressing than fighting for a car space in the garage because it has become a dumping ground for seldom-used items such as festive decorations, sporting gear or last year’s paperwork.

Take control of your precious garage space by investing in shelving and other storage options that can get junk off the floor and make it a whole lot easier to access things when you need them. Go a step further and label storage containers and make use of all the space you have by installing clever shelving, hooks and hangers.