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Timeless design inspiration is the key to keeping things contemporary and unique


Want to make sure your home looks effortlessly chic? Choosing timeless design inspiration is the key to keeping things contemporary and unique.

Picture: Magnolia House by Arent&Pyke. Photographer: Anson Smart


Set the scene for the look and feel of the rest of your home by incorporating not only some smart storage, which will help keep things orderly in the rooms beyond, but also some standout design elements. The entry is a homeowner’s first opportunity to impress guests so display some items that tell the story of the inhabitants.

Small spaces such as entryways are easy to work with when it comes to decor so this room is often a great way to kick off an entire home makeover.

Top tips:

  • Be bold. It’s a small space, so you can afford to be brave.
  • Add storage and make a feature of it.
  • Include a bench where you can sit to put shoes on or take them off.
  • Mirrors make small spaces seem bigger.
  • Include a spot to store frequently used items, such as car keys and sunglasses, makes for a less frazzled start to the day.
  • Keep it clear. Don’t add too much clutter.

Picture: Dulux Colour Awards Elsternwick House by Chelsea Hing. Photographer: Sean Fennessy


The way forward in living rooms is expression. Let’s face it, this is the space where you are most likely to spend the bulk of your time, so decorating it in a way that makes you feel happy should be a top priority.

It seems the entire world is looking for a way to escape mass production and environmental degradation and this has been reflected in a strong desire for decorating with natural finishes and interesting textures.

Creating a space that is robust is also important because there is no point having stuff that is nice to look at but too good to touch.

Stone and exposed brick feature walls are making a comeback.

If you’re into wood, think about panelling or room dividers made of solid timber. As well as being pretty to look at, wood can provide sound insulation and help to retain warmth during winter.

Sofas don’t have to be part of a suite, as long as they complement each other. Your seating options can and should have different fabrics and finishes.

Single seaters are really practical since they can be easily moved to suit different situations. Sometimes, people just like to have a seat to themselves.

Perth may be known for its mild winters but there’s no denying a fireplace adds ambience. Nothing beats the flicker of flames on a cold winter’s day or night.

Picture: West Elm

Picture: Freedom Screens


What does the kitchen of the future look like? Instead of trying to stay on trend, choose finishes, fixtures and fittings that appeal to you, so you won’t tire of them too quickly.

There will be a continuing focus on functionality in the years ahead. Not everyone has space for a butler’s pantry, so clever designers are providing customers with places to stash stuff, even if the kitchen is completely open concept.

Clever built-ins that hide appliances and folding doors that can be pushed back to allow more workspace and shut just as easily to hide the mess will become more popular in the future, especially as block sizes continue to shrink.

Gone are the days when all the surfaces had to match. Monotone kitchens are striking when a bold colour is used but there’s a swing towards thoroughly unique and expressive spaces that feature multiple finishes.

Don’t be afraid to mix concrete with granite and glass with tile. If you cook a lot, a section of stainless-steel benchtop might work well for you and it could save your stone bench from getting damaged or stained. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have both.

In short, the message is: get creative. Eclectic styling that features natural textures and tones is thoroughly modern and certain to stand the test of time.

Kitchens need strong lighting but when entertaining, you might not want to put your guests under the spotlight!

Think about including multiple styles of lighting, so you can change the mood to suit your needs. We love pendant lights over the benchtop – they’re as beautiful as they are practical.

Picture: Fish Creek House by Archiblox. Photographer: Armelle Habib

Picture: Limecrete


Clinical-looking bathrooms are a thing of the past. The future is set to focus even more on bespoke spaces made for relaxation.

Desirable bathrooms will incorporate beautiful timbers, custom cabinetry, sleek and sexy tapware, and architectural baths and showers.

To make sure your bathroom stands the test of time, choose tiles that speak to your heart and beautifully crafted cabinets that cater perfectly to your individual needs.

If you have a perfume collection, include an open shelf to display it. Those with an extensive array of make-up might consider installing a wide sliding drawer that spans the entire length of the cabinet so everything can be laid out in front of you.

Colour is back, even in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to choose tiles that make a statement. Have some fun, all white is so hard to keep clean.

Picture: Trager Kitchens + Interiors

Main Bedroom

When you come home from a busy day, there’s no better place to unwind and relax than the private sanctuary of your bedroom. So make it a space that screams indulgence.

Choose the biggest bed that can fit in the room. Invest in good-quality, luxurious linen. Not only will it look and feel good but it will also last a long time and stand up to frequent washing and drying.

Try to minimise clutter because an organised space feels more peaceful.

Big televisions have no place in a bedroom, they generate heat and noise and take up too much space. If you must have a TV in there, choose a slimline screen of a modest size.

The main bedroom is a great space to experiment with colour or pattern that reflects your personality. Whether you’re into soothing pastels or more moody tones, if there is one room in the home where you can afford to take a risk, it is the bedroom. After all, it is your own space.

Good-quality carpet serves so many purposes. It is warm underfoot, it provides a buffer for sound and it feels cosy. If you prefer floorboards or another hard surface, lay down a good-quality rug for a similar effect.

Minor Bedrooms

The key to creating gorgeous bedrooms is all about personalisation. A bedroom should reflect the personality and interests of the inhabitant. So, if you’re creating the ultimate kid’s room, make sure there’s lots of playful elements.

If you’re creating a teenage retreat, storage will be vital in helping that older child keep their space neat and organised.

Guest rooms should be bright and inviting, and add some creature comforts like the ones you’d find in a deluxe hotel.

Pictures: Adairs Kids


Once upon a time, just having an electric washing machine was considered a household luxury.

These days, laundries are more like utility areas and the more storage and time-saving equipment they house, the better.

When you’re planning a laundry, make sure the space looks good too, because if you have to spend time folding and sorting washing, why not do it in an aesthetically pleasing location.

Top tips:

  • Add a bench for sorting and folding.
  • Find a place for a stow-away ironing board.
  • Designate a cupboard especially for the vacuum cleaner. Give brooms and bins a place to hide.
  • Include as many power points as possible, that way you can charge appliances and phones out of sight.

Picture: Veejay’s Renovations


With our professional lives increasingly spilling over into private time and more people choosing to work from home, it is a good idea to have a quiet space designated for work.

But it doesn’t have to be boring. Open storage for items such as books and magazines can look quite a picture if executed properly.

If possible, position a desk so that it has a view out of a window or into the rest of the home so that the inhabitant does not feel disconnected from the world.

Choose a beautiful desk that is functional and user friendly, and a chair that is ergonomic and stylish.

Picture: Dulux Cleveland Rooftop, by SJB. Photographer: Felix Forest

Alfresco Area

West Australians love outdoor living and that’s reflected in our desire to create fabulous alfresco areas.

Five years ago, outdoor entertaining spaces were thought of mostly as additional dining areas but now we use them for lounging around just as much as we do for cooking and entertaining.

If you can, increase its size so that you can comfortably house a lounge, dining area and a cooking zone.

Durable, hard-wearing flooring, lots of plants, and comfy seating will give you the perfect place to kick back either alone or with friends and family.

Picture: Jason Windows