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Kitchen trends to embrace include natural elements, concealed appliances and statement lighting


As the hub of the home, there’s plenty of pressure to make sure your brand-new kitchen design is gorgeous, timeless and functional.

There’s so much to consider and a visit to the experts is definitely the way to ensure you get the best possible outcome for the space you have available.

Here’s our take on the things that could very well inspire a showstopper. Whether they’re hot to market or just imaginative, we think you’d be well placed to put at least a few of these on your wish list.

Flex your muscles with marble, marble look or stone. Designers are predicting that with a world turned upside down and thrust into chaos, people will be increasingly taking comfort in nature. Marble is elegant, each piece is unique, and best of all, it will work with any colour palette.

Picture: WA Marble & Granite

Continuing the nature theme, timber is also making a huge comeback in all its glorious forms. With shades ranging from shimmering ash and warm, golden pine to almost-black darks, there’s something for everyone.

Wood has been out of vogue for quite some time but there’s no longer a need to conceal it with paint, and that’s worth celebrating. Our tip is to use it in contrast to a range of other materials.

Picture: Trager Kitchens and Interiors

Picture: Hart & Co.

The era of stainless-steel tapware is over. You can stop worrying about how you will keep brass tapware bright and shiny as we love the patina it develops over time. Or opt for sleek black taps and handles with striking modern design. Spend some time looking for unique taps and we promise the investment will pay off.

There is a reason those dimly lit restaurants in Melbourne are loved by foodies across the country. They exude a cosy and inviting ambience that you can recreate in your very own culinary hub.

If there’s lots of natural light in your kitchen, we urge you to consider the addition of at least some dark cabinets, tiles or feature wall. It will look super chic.

Feature tiles are a way to add a splash of personality to your kitchen. Even if you’re determined to stick with a neutral colour palette, you can inject some wow factor by using tiles that feature interesting shapes. Even a simple subway tile can be laid in a myriad of different designs.

Picture: Trager Kitchens and Interiors

Open shelves and glass cupboards offer the chance to put your gorgeous kitchen equipment on display.

We’re not talking about showing off a cluttered cupboard filled with mismatched container lids. Instead make your space less sterile by flashing some of your handmade mugs, eye-catching vases, collected canisters or your vintage Mixmaster.

If colour is your thing, and for many people it does bring joy, go bold and introduce it into the kitchen. There’s lots of ways you can do this, through tiling and feature cabinets or make a statement under your bench.

Picture: Kitchen Capital

Want the secret to making your kitchen really shine? It’s droolworthy, dreamy, artistic yet perfectly functional feature lighting.

Put money in the budget for this often-overlooked component and you’ll have no regrets.

Access to incredible feature lighting has come such a long way in Australia in the space of a few short years thanks largely to brands such as Perth’s very own The Montauk Lighting Co.

If you spot lighting you like in an Australian glossy magazine, chances are it’s come from TMLC.

Picture: The Montauk Lighting Co. | Interiors: Grey Peg Interiors | Photography: Gathering Light

If you are not a fan of cleaning your oven, then a pyrolytic self-cleaning oven is worth considering, says appliances expert Belinda Hart from Hart & Co.

“You simply choose the program on your oven and the oven temperature will rise to an extremely high temperature which then turns any residue into a fine layer of ash that is simply wiped away,” she says.

Picture: Hart & Co.

Picture: Hart & Co.

Belinda says combination steam ovens are another worthy inclusion for keen cooks.

“The magnitude of cooking options with the addition of steam allows for pastries to have the perfect amount of flakiness, meats to remain juicy and moist, crusty breads, one pan tray bakes and risottos, crispy roast chicken along with excellent baking benefits to name a few.”

The ZIP and Billi taps with filtered cold still and sparkling water and boiling hot water on tap are also luxury kitchen fittings that can make a difference.